The ability to focus the mind is one of the most important abilities one should possess. As a matter of fact, most people lack the ability to concentrate. Their attention usually wanders, without being able to fix it on one subject for any reasonable period of time.

What is concentration? It is the ability to focus the attention on one single thought or subject, excluding everything else from the field of awareness. A good ability, which can be gained through proper exercises, enables one to focus the mind on anything at will, without being distracted by thoughts, noises or anything else.

You need this ability when you read, study, meditate, work or while doing almost anything else. It helps you:

– Control of your thoughts
– Gain inner peace
– Free your mind from futile and annoying thoughts
-Improve your memory
-Improve your ability to study
– Conserve your energies
– Work more efficiently
– Improve meditation
– Strengthen your intuition
And much more…

Here is a simple exercise to train your mind:

  • Count the words in any one paragraph in a book or newspaper, and then count them again, to ascertain that you have counted them correctly.
  • Do so with several paragraphs, practicing everyday.
  • When this becomes easy, try counting the words in two paragraphs, and later count the words on a whole page.
  • To enhance your focus and attention, count the words mentally, only with your eyes, without pointing you finger at them.