About Us

Company Profile

To ensure that the ActionBall programme reaches as many children as possible, ActionBall has developed a business plan based on a franchise and sub-franchisee agreement that will allow ActionBall instructors to derive a good income from their skills and time. It is important that ActionBall instructors are well remunerated so that standards are always of the highest order and to ensure the continued growth of ActionBall into the future.

Our Vision

ActionBall’s vision is to see children all around the world, who have been robbed of the opportunity to play because of the age we live in, participating in the ActionBall programme during those critical early years – creating a new generation of physically active children. We aim to establish ActionBall as the leader in movement development industry for children. Let’s teach our children to play!

Our Mision

ActionBall will provide children with the opportunity to develop their physical abilities and adeptness. By empowering ActionBall trainers to facilitate the ActionBall programme that will give children the chance to practice the activities that develop their gross motor skills, muscle tone, co-ordination, balance and confidence.
Through the use of cutting edge methodology and industry best practice, we aim to meet children where they are and improve;
– Physical Skills
– Emotional Skills
– Spacial Skills

The Olden Days

In the “olden days” before children were confined in town-houses and flats, they generally played outdoors. They ran, hopped, skipped, and took part in games such as blind-mans bluff, catchers, hide-and-seek and stuck-in-the-mud. Additionally, they often walked or rode bicycles to school. These activities helped children both to develop the muscles of the body and to make friends while learning to play by the rules and to win and lose in a socially acceptable manner.


Many of today’s children are ferried to and from school in lift clubs and spend hours in front of the television and computer. Their gross motor skills are not fully developed, their posture is poor, they are not learning to communicate and their language and descriptive skills are often under-developed.

Banking Details

Bank: FNB
Account Number: 62360469673
Account Type: Cheque Account
Branch: Meyerton
Branch Code: 250137